Tuesday, September 18, 2007

2007 Fall Clergy Conference / Retreat

The 2007 fall clergy conference/retreat took place on Sept. 10-12, in Bunun,. Taitung; an area that is home to one of the aborigine tribes of Taiwan; and under the pastoral care of the Rev. Jerry Bai, a Taiwan Presbyterian priest.

During these 2 ½ days, clergy and some of the clergy's families had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Taitung, as well as immerse in the hot springs there. Clergy and their families also had meaningful small group conversations on their personal relationships, relationships with local communities and neighborhoods, and relationship with the church. These small group conversations helped to reflect not only on the challenges of their ministries and the effects they have on their personal relationships, but also reaffirmed the importance of a more balanced lifestyle and a more collaborative style of ministry within the diocese.

The group was able to listen to Rev. Jerry Bai share his love for the people of Bunun, the challenges of ministry, and the fruits of his 20 years of dedication to the people there.

The next clergy conference/retreat will be in early June, 2008.