Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Inter-congregation Fellowship

For this past year, the English speaking congregation of Good Shepherd, Taipei, and the English speaking congregation at St. James, Taichung, have been strengthening their relationship and developing their fellowship together. Since March the Good Shepherd English congregation has gone down twice to visit and celebrate Eucharist with the St. James English congregation; and in return the St. James congregation has also come up to Taipei and will be coming up in December for the New Year celebration..

These mutual visits and fellowship opportunities are a time of enjoyment for both congregations when they share similar experiences and challenges of membership fluctuation, and thus support each another. The fact that these 2 congregations travel 2 ½ hours to be in communion with each other is a powerful act that shows they are one body of Christ.

With the support of bishop David Lai and the Mission Office of the Episcopal Church, may God’s love, energy, and faithfulness fill these two congregations in their worship of God and their shepherding of God’s people.