Thursday, July 24, 2008

2008 EAM Consultation in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Our diocese has been blessed by the opportunity to host the 2008 annual EAM Consultation, and are thankful for the happy faces we saw at the conclusion of the Consultation. From planning, welcoming, hospitality, and implementation, the diocese is extremely thankful for the parishioners and clergy from various parishes who volunteered their time and effort, in making this a positive, nurturing and fruitful experience for everyone.

The singing of the adult choir from St. Timothy, Kaohsiung; and the native dances by the children of St. Timothy, warmed the hearts of all the guests at the opening dinner. The keynote speakers, the workshops, the conversations with our guests from the Episcopal Church, the liturgy, the Presiding Bishop's sermon, the comfort of the Consultation space etc., made us even more mindful of our baptismal covenant; especially to see Christ in all persons. The diversity of the participants is a welcome reminder of the diversity of the Body of Christ, and our constatnt attention to inclusiveness.

We are thankful to how God was present among us during the Consultation.

For more pictures of the 2008 EAM Consultation, click on the link below.